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It’s time to nurture your erotic self and build a life infused with more ecstasy and ease.

Having a meaningful erotic connection, with yourself first, electrifies your relationship with all of reality and impacts EVERY area of your life.

Plus, pleasure is critical to our physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being, and you deserve to wake up feeling satisfied and excited about your life. 

Welcome to Your New Reality.
 Deeply Connected, Radically Satisfied.

A five-minute practice to slow down your mind and connect to your body instantly. Great to use before sex, meditation, big meetings, public speaking, etc.… it's a life-changing technique.

Free in Five

Learn the keys to success in these free, bi-monthly group sessions. We’ll cover critical concepts, learn techniques to help you get what you want, plus have a chance for real-time coaching. 

Group Mini-Sessions

Safe space for shameless self-discovery. I’m here to help you turn curiosity into lived wisdom and to help you unleash your innate erotic potential.  

1:1 Programs


– nisa s.

– Lauren k.

“Wow, is all I can say. I felt that I had a larger breakthrough in one session with Briana than weeks or months of therapy. Briana has a gift for being able to see people at their deep cores and hold a healing, open space for them to better understand themselves. I highly recommend working with Briana, her energy is gentle and healing and her guidance is strong and knowing. Anyone open to the work would greatly benefit from even just one session with her.” 

"I was with my friend, Erin, in New Mexico last week and she mentioned several times how your workshop was such a shift for her. You really helped her work through some issues with her family and prioritize herself. Just wanted to make sure you knew how powerful the work you are doing is to your clients. Thank you."

Path to Pleasure


– Erin p.

My sessions with Briana came at a time where I needed it most. She was able to hold precious space virtually & her presence was so inviting. She made me feel comfortable as I was moving through very uncomfortable feelings and challenges. I really honor the session that Briana facilitated - she was knowledgeable, intuitive, and helped me bring some really important insights to the surface. I felt it was safe for me to go into deep pains as she suggested helpful practices to move through them and I plan to use her suggested tools going forward. I highly recommend booking a session with Briana, especially if you are looking to step into your own power but feel there are some inner wounds holding you back. I am truly grateful for the experience.”

Path to Pleasure


– brigette D.

– LaurA C.

I left the session with sudden clarity on how I wanted to refocus my business and shift my life. That feeling of joy and strength stayed with me throughout the week. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reminder of how amazing they truly are. Thank you, Briana, for creating that sacred space!”

“My system is still recharging in a way but I can feel that the session moved a lot of things in a good direction. The experience was intense and brought a lot of hidden emotions to the surface. I am super grateful, even if I was dealing with a lot of scary emotions and feelings, it felt needed and absolutely right. Ever since I feel lighter and more aware of what I need to deal with in my daily life.”

Path to Pleasure


– Dana L.

“I found Briana to be a welcoming, warm, and very competent guide. The questions she asked were powerful right from the beginning, and in our time together, I felt more clarity than I have from nearly a year of sessions with a licensed counselor. She created a container in which I felt safe and seen. She also offered tangible tools for me to use moving forward, which I felt directly addressed the issues that came to the surface during our session. I definitely recommend reaching out to her if you're feeling stuck or confused!” 

Path to Pleasure


– jill D.

– Lindsey H.

"I felt like I tapped into my innate strength and leadership abilities and also in the days that followed began to release a lot of pent-up grief. Briana makes the atmosphere safe and fun and intellectually stimulating, all of which are equally important to me. She is a gifted teacher."

"Briana does an amazing job creating space. I felt so comfortable and open with her, and felt she could be trusted with deep fears and insecurities. The safe space she created was so healing for self acceptance and I truly appreciated every minute. Thank you for the opportunity for self discovery and love!" 

Path to Pleasure


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